At Elite Extrusion we use only the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology to produce superior film.

Elite's films are rigorously tested for quality and to ensure your specifications are met

Our films are engineered for the best machine performance and can be customized to meet your special applications

Increase shelf-life!

OTR & WVTR up to 30% to 40%

better than typical poly!

Railcar storage of raw materials ensures on-time delivery of your film

That's a great question....


Q: What types of film do you manufacture?

A: Elite manufactures a variety of films engineered for the following applications:

  • Medium & ultra high clarity

  • Corona treat levels for surface print

  • Lamination

  • Frozen foods

  • Liquid packaging

  • Shrink Bundling

  • LLDPE and HDPE blends

  • SL10: 3-layer barrier additives for increased freshness


Q: What is this SL10 that I hear so much about?

A: SL10 is a proprietary Elite Extrusion film formula (copyright 2015) designed to solve the problem of "over specifying" a bag film structure when only a relatively small increase in shelf life is required. Click here to learn more. 


Q: Do you offer colors?

A: Yes. We co-extrude white on a regular basis and can customize the opacity to your specifications. Call us for a quote and availability of other colors.


Q: What are your delivery lead times?

A: FAST! Currently, our lead time for a standard formulation is 2 weeks. We will always be sure to quote an accurate delivery date as our production schedule develops.


Q: How does Elite test their film and ensure quality?

A: Elite has a fully functional test lab in-house that can perform tear, tensil, impact and many other tests. We test retains from every run. Click here to learn about our lab.


Q: Can I get a test performed on one of the films I am currently using?

A: Of course! Elite offers lab services and follows ASTM protocols. Just click here to request a test.


Q: Do you provide test samples?

A: Yes. There may be a charge for samples. We will contact you to discuss your needs. Click here to request a sample.