At Elite Extrusion we use only the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology to produce superior film.

Elite's films are rigorously tested for quality and to ensure your specifications are met

Our films are engineered for the best machine performance and can be customized to meet your special applications

Increase shelf-life!

OTR & WVTR up to 30% to 40%

better than typical poly!

Railcar storage of raw materials ensures on-time delivery of your film

Quality Control & Testing

Elite Extrusion has a fully equipped testing laboratory and tests to ASTM standards. You can be assured that the film we produce passes through a rigorous quality inspection process.

We can also provide you with testing services to test film from your current source. To request a lab test click here.
  • Dart Impact (ASTM Method A)

  • Tensile Strength & Elongation

  • Elmendorf Tear (Machine Direction)

  • Elmendorf Tear (Transverse Direction)

  • Coefficient of Friction Film on Film

  • Coefficient of Friction Film on Steel

  • Sealing Temperature

  • Sealing Strength - Burst Test

  • Vacuum Immersion Leak Detection @ 23" of mercury (.7789 bar)

  • Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR)

  • Haze / Clarity / Transmittance

  • Specular Gloss (@ 45 degree angle)

  • Gauge / Thickness Verification

  • Raw Resin Melt Index