A few days can make a big difference!

SL10 is an enhanced barrier polyethylene film created by EET to extend the shelf-life of your products. SL10’s OTR and WVTR barrier is 30% to 40% better than standard poly and can result in a 10 day or more shelf-life increase. This without the expense of adding a high-cost barrier film.

Does your bag supplier use SL10?


Shelf-life Increase

  • Up to 10 days or more*
  • More time to sell in the stores
  • Reduce returns and waste
  • Reduce deliveries and related costs
  • Use for low/no preservative product

For the Consumer

  • Improved flavor from less preservatives
  • Looks and feels fresher at the store
  • Consumers like a “healthier” choice
  • Unopened package lasts longer at home
  • Increased customer satisfaction


SL10 Enhanced Barrier

Save on Ingredients

  • Reduce preservative levels
  • Less moisture preserving additives
  • Stays softer longer
  • Reduce preservative costs
  • Lessen storage space for additives

Film Comparison

*Shelf life extension may vary based on product ingredients, storage environment, in-store environment, and converting process. OTR and WVTR tests were performed to ASTM standards in Elite Extrusion's test lab.


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