Committed to Sustainable Practices

At Elite, clear is not only a way to describe our films, it is the way we do business. You can be assured that you will receive a clear, concise and timely response to your request. Our customer service team will always keep you up to date from order placement through delivery. If you require a supplier that shares a commitment to your success, Elite is your clear choice.


Our work at Elite requires the environmentally safe handling of polymer resins along with the efficient use of water and glycol for cooling. In addition, we must use FDA approved, safe cleaning products and lubricants used for equipment maintenance.

To minimize the environmental impact of Elite’s facility we …

  • … have embedded a commitment to the environment within our guiding principles.
  • … choose suppliers that share our sustainable philosophy.
  • … continue to innovate and develop sustainable product offerings.
  • … reuse trim and setup materials created by film manufacturing.
  • … recycle corrugated boxes, wooden skids and plastic wraps.
  • … have installed automatic shut off, low-power consumption lighting.
  • … have installed low-flow bathroom fixtures.
  • … are in development of a Geothermal system designed to further reduce energy use.
  • … use environmentally friendly and FDA approved cleaning supplies.
  • … recycle batteries, lamps, wiring materials and zipper spools.